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Are you...

a driven individual looking for more to life?                                                                           
a conscientious person following all the protocols and advice but feel things aren't right?                                                                                                                                    
a Christ-follower deepening your knowledge and searching for methods to see growth?

Then this book is for you!

About the book

          We've bought into the lie that we are valuable, worthy, and meaningful only when our lives are going well. Performing well means that life will go well for us–filled with meaning and value. No wonder we struggle with having imperfections. The more we do to perform well, the more we're revealed for who we are: imperfect. Being imperfect in a world that gives us value according to our performance has led us to lack intimate relationships, intense meaning, self-care, and transformative faith. Our obsession with performance has led to a mediocre life, and for some, even death. But the Bible is about an abundant life from start to finish, and if we are willing to, God's words will transform us. Look at Jesus through the lens of relationship over performance and see how the worthless and misbehaviors are his friends. God cares for the imperfect. Through Jesus, you belong, are made right, and stand accepted.


about the author

          Raised and toughened in the swamplands of North Carolina, Kilian has lived in a tent within conflict zones, traveled extensively in East and North Africa, built a thatched hut, and opened his first ceramic studio in 2007. He's been a wood mill laborer, interior painter, recognized artist, humanitarian, teacher to 4 to 102-year-olds, and administrative assistant, which has included anything from mopping floors to meeting with dignitaries. 

          Kilian is experienced in eating chocolate ice cream, falling face-first, collecting hot sauces, and dancing in store aisles. A goal of his is to live up to the person his Boxador believes he is. His favorite list on Spotify has 13,515 songs. During summer, you may find him alone within the Blue Ridge Mountains on a hike with a pail filled with macadamia nuts, hard cheeses, and avocados. On the weekends, he preaches in the Roanoke Region of Virginia.

          Kilian is an ordained evangelist with university degrees in the studies of liberal arts, social science, general ministry, and biblical studies. In 2018, Kilian received the Stone-Campbell Promising Scholar Award, after being inducted into Theta Alpha Kappa, the National Honor Society for Religious Studies/Theology. He is a member of the Society of Biblical Literature and the Evangelical Theological Society. He travels widely, speaking and teaching in many different contexts, helping people of various backgrounds and occupations to manage the triumphs and catastrophes of life. He spent two years in located church ministry before transitioning into the role and duty of Director of Communications at Mercy Partners.

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